This is an early WIP of my first godot engine project!

I share it for advice and maybe even ideas from you!


Windows version
Linux version
Mac OS version
Android version

Development log


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This doesn't work on Mac OS High Sierra, when I open the app it crashes and doesn't load...

Great! I love this game. :)

I love the art style and the sound. Great mechanics too. Keep working on it. It has a great vibe.

Thanks! =)

I quite like it, I have ended up "flipping" the snails a couple of times, no idea how I've done that, but it could be an interesting game feature, or it could be just a bug.  I don't think it is currently intentional, but if it were to become an intentional thing, it could be interesting to see what you do with that.  

Yeah, that's a funny bug, but that's a bug. ^^"
It is when you "hit" the head of the snail while he is "walking"
I fixed it for the next update!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

I could see that it was a bug in this version, I just was, "oh this bug exists, I wonder if it could be leveraged into game play?"  It felt like it could be a way that you could move a snail to somewhere else on the map than where they are restricted to without it.  It's a bit different in terms of game play, but I rather like it as it exists.  

Nice potential. I find the mechanic to push down to squish up (jump) interesting.


I wasn't sure to keep this mechanic because it's different from the usual platformers, but it's natural for me to squish up that mushroom. =)