A downloadable BilouConcept for Windows

*“Le jeu de la vie est un automate cellulaire imaginé par John Horton Conway en 1970 qui est probablement, au début du XXIe siècle, le plus connu de tous les automates cellulaires.“* ([wikipedia](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeu_de_la_vie))

En gros tu dessine des motifs, ça donne vie à de nouveaux motifs “intelligents”, et c’est assez fun à refaire sous RPG Maker.

AuthorBilouMaster Joke
Made withRPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes




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You're french ?

If not your game looks very good !

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Yes I am :) I could have translated those kind of short conceptual games but maybe later! You can guess the 3 little actions:

Key: 1=Draw 2=Give life 3=Apocalypse 

Just use the arrow keys, enter or space bar, and switch the mode with 1, 2, 3 on the num pad and enjoy this small Conway’s Game of life implementation.

It’s not a big thing but it was fun to use rpg maker 2003 which doesn’t permit to write scripts but only allows to use limited built-in event commands. (That’s the principle of my small « BilouConcept » serie. :))